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Please Note: In some instances, only a portion of a stream will be covered in a particular map. Some streams may extend to one or more maps. “County” below refers to either the location at which the stream empties into another or where it and one or more others join to form yet another or... simply the furthest point upstream and/or downstream in our current coverage. 

Alarka, Burningtown & Tellico Creeks
ITEM M1112
Swain & Macon Counties, NC.
Wesser & Alarka USGS Quadrangles (NC).
Other Waters: Little Tennessee River & Lower Nantahala River

Citico Creek, Doublecamp Creek & Slick Rock Creek
ITEM L0708
Monroe County, TN & Graham County, NC.
Whiteoak Flats & Tapoco USGS Quadrangles (NC & TN)
Other Waters: Cheoah River & tributaries Bear & Deep Creeks.

Conasauga River & Jacks River
ITEM P0102
Murray & Fannin Counties, GA & Polk County, TN.
Tennga & Hemp Top USGS Quadrangles (GA & TN).
Other Waters: West & South Fork (Jacks River) & Mill, Panther, Rough & Conasauga Creeks.

Eagle Creek & Hazel Creek Low Elevation Waters
ITEM L0910
Graham & Swain Counties, NC.
Fontana Dam & Tuskeegee USGS Quadrangles (NC).
Other Waters: Twentymile, Stecoah, Sawyer & Yellow Creeks.

Little Pigeon River, Bradley Fork & Raven Fork Headwaters
ITEM J1213
Blount & Sevier Counties, TN & Swain County, NC.
Mount Le Conte & Mount Guyot USGS Quadrangles (NC & TN).
Other Waters: Middle & Upper West Prongs Little Pigeon, Ramsay, Chapman & Road Prongs, Porters Creek & Raven Fork Headwaters & Gatlinburg special permit streams.

Little River Outside Park & Hessee Creek
ITEM J0809
Blount County, TN.
Blockhouse & Kinzel Springs USGS Quadrangles (TN).

Little River & West Prong Little Pigeon River
ITEM J1011  
Blount & Sevier Counties, TN.
Wear Cove & Gatlinburg USGS Quadrangles (TN).
Other Waters: Lower Middle & West Prongs Little River & Gatlinburg special permit streams.

Little River, Hazel Creek & Forney Creek Headwaters
ITEM K1011
Blount & Sevier Counties, TN.
Thunderhead Mountain & Silers Bald USGS Quadrangles (NC & TN).
Other Waters: Headwaters of Middle & West Prongs Little River.

Nantahala River in Gorge Area & Tulula Creek
ITEM M0910
Graham & Swain Counties, NC.
Robbinsville & Hewitt USGS Quadrangles (NC).
Other Waters: Long, Franks & Bear Creeks.

Oconaluftee River, Deep Creek & Noland Creek Headwaters
ITEM K1213
Blount & Sevier Counties, TN & Swain County, NC.
Clingmans Dome & Smokemont USGS Quadrangles (NC & TN).
Other Waters: Bradley Fork & Cherokee Reservation-permitted Raven Fork.

Tellico River & Bald River Low Elevation Waters
ITEM M0506
Monroe County, TN.
Tellico Plains & Bald River Falls USGS Quadrangles (NC & TN).
Other Waters: Lower North River.

Tellico River Headwaters & Santeetlah & Snowbird Creeks
ITEM M0708
Monroe County, TN & Graham County, NC.
Big Junction & Santeetlah Creek USGS Quadrangles (NC & TN).
Other Waters: North River, Sycamore, Big & Little Santeetlah Creeks.

Tuckasegee & West Fork French Broad River Headwaters
ITEM N1516
Jackson & Transylvania Counties, NC.
Big Ridge & Lake Toxaway USGS Quadrangles (NC).
Other Waters: Panthertown, Greenland, Neddie, Wolf, Tanasee, Slickens , Flat, Fork & Dismal Creeks.

Tuckasegee River from Dillsboro to Whittier & Soco Creek
ITEM L1314
Swain & Jackson Counties NC.
Whittier & Sylva North USGS Quadrangles (NC).
Other Waters: Conley Creek & Scott Creek.

Tuckasegee River from East Laport to Dillsboro
ITEM M1314
Jackson, Swain & Macon Counties, NC.
Greens Creek & Sylva South USGS Quadrangles (NC).
Other Waters: Caney Fork & Cullowhee, Savannah, Green & Wayehutta Creeks.

Tuckasegee River from Whittier to Little Tennessee River
ITEM L1112
Swain County, NC.
Noland Creek & Bryson City USGS Quadrangles (NC).
Other Waters: Lower Deep, Noland, Forney & Alarka Creeks.

West Fork Chattooga River & Warwoman & Sarahs Creeks
ITEM P1213
Rabun County, GA.
Rabun Bald & Satolah USGS Quadrangles (GA & NC).
Other Waters: Walnut Fork, West Fork & Holcomb Creek & Overflow Creek.

West Fork Pigeon River & Caney Fork Headwaters
ITEM M1516
Jackson & Haywood Counties, NC.
Tuckasegee & Sam Knob USGS Quadrangles (NC).
Other Waters: Moses, Mull, Piney Mountain, Rough Butt, Sugar, Wolf & Tanasee Creeks.